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I didn't know of the lean and lower method either. I learn so much from this site and I'm thankful!
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Just a question for those who have done the lean and lower method... do you allow the lowered stems to root into the grounds where they are lowered to help with the uptake of nutrients or will that inhibit growth as it is trying to also make roots as it is growing. I am trying this for the first year on plasticulture.. do I move back the plastic and allow rooting or lower the stems on the plastic and not allow rooting to take place? just a thought that struck me as I was reading this thread.
carolyn k
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For whatever reason, many of the people that use lean & lower also graft so burying the scion stem would negate any benefits achieved through grafting.

I think it would work great for non-grafted plants.
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Well and many like me use plastic/weed cloth.
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One of the many reasons I use the heavy layer of cypress mulch is to prevent new roots from forming on the stem that is laying on the ground. Many of my plants now have four or five feet of stem on the ground and 6 to 8 ft hanging. I don't think many if any of my plants will make it to the 20 ft length with the rain and resulting disease that we have been having. I have been going out in the rain removing dead and dying diseased leaves and stems for the past few days and now have bare stems for the first 5 to 8 feet on all of my older plants. If the sun does come out then I will suffer some bad sun scald on some of the fruit hanging on those bare stems.

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