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Default Roselle St. Kitts & Nevis vs Thai Red

Last year on a lark I grew the Thai Red Roselle from Southern Exposure to see what the tea made from the calyxes was like. I like it!

Now SESE has a new one called St. Kitts & Nevis which is supposed to be a darker red so I'm growing both this year for comparison. Already I see a difference in the seedlings.

This is last year's Thai Red 17 days after germination. Nice red stems, no red on the leaves at this point.

These are the StK&N, 13 days after germination. Stems not quite as red yet but there is a blush of red on a few leaves. They also grew taller faster than the Thai Red to the point where I was wondering if I'd have to resow directly in the ground. I think they'll be fine. It's almost time to up-pot them. They are extremely intolerant of frost so they'll have to be pampered on the porch a while where I can bring them indoors if necessary.

This is going to be interesting. Last year I planted three Thai Red in the ground and one in a 15 gallon bucket and this year I will do the same with the StK&N. I'm growing only one Thai Red and it will be in a bucket too for side by side comparison.
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