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Default The Rose Emporium

I know almost nothing about growing roses except that I can't grow them unless it is a shrub rose with the name "Knockout" in it (in a lot of sun).

However there is one in my backyard that has been there about 20 years in dappled sun/shade and has been thriving in total neglect. The only thing I remember about it is that is it is an "old" rose. It has a very strong rose fragrance and is about 3 ft tall. Does anyone know what this could be? It is a repeat bloomer several times during the year.

Perhaps Tomovillians can talk about what kind of roses they are successful at growing. Is anyone good at growing miniature roses?
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I have a Veilschenblau rose. It's an old rambler with small flowers, very double, and it blooms bright pink/fuchsia then the blooms fade to purple. It was the only actual purple I found. Another one grew up near it; from a runner? Or maybe it breeds true? It's growing where it gets morning sun plus a little more. I've had it for about 15 years; I neglect it.

I have 2 neglected miniature roses which refuse to die, but they aren't thriving either. They get choked out by weeds, then I weed them, repeat.
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Years ago, I finally climbed over a ditch to get at a rose growing almost in the trees at the edge of a forest to take a cutting. It was growing up through the trees and I mean waaaaay up, such a strong rose. Deep pink with a white center. It rooted easily and came true, not being a variety that needs grafting. Now I have one at the back of the yard climbing up about 15 ft, at least. The name of that strong rose is the American Pillar rose. When I googled it I saw that it tolerates partial shade and i can definitely say yes to that.

I have another one called Wedding Day. It is a huge strong rambler that would grow up a neighbour's tree to twenty feet, if I let it. The last neighbour did and liked it but the next one didn't and I keep it well in check now. It is one of those roses that is so vigorous we are warned not to let pets and small children near it! The thorns are brutal but the flowers make a high bank of white flowers with traces of pink. Lightly scented.

I also have those mini roses in the ground and they never do well. I think they need pots and that's it.

One tiny flowered rose that is scented and easy is called the Fairy rose. I keep it in a pot now as there is no good spot left for it in the garden though it does well enough there.

Also got Double Delight, Fragrant Cloud (has a unique colour), Compassion, all scented, and the only rose growing here when I arrived, a climber called New Dawn. Got more than those too!

Landscape roses are easy, short and have no scent, much.

Most of my roses have to survive pretty much on their own and they do. I have watched a neighbour's rose be neglected for almost 15 years and it does fine!

I am not a 'rose grower' and do not have a rose garden. They are here and there and if they need fussing, well......

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