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My sympathies for the heat... I can barely deal with our own level of 'too hot' (about 80 F!).

I finally found a half decent deal on lamb this week. First time I have seen any kind of leg of lamb for under $20. It was boneless Aussie lamb on special. I couldn't pass it up. Was the coolest day in a while, fog rolled in in the evening and it felt cooler although still about 70 F. No sun heating up the house and that was great because I was out of bread and had to bake! And afterwards I roasted the lamb all gussied up with rosemary and garlic. What a tasty piece of meat! The flavor was much stronger than NZ lamb and I suspect conditions are a bit rougher in the Australian outback. Could have easily passed for goat, and for me, I like it!!!!
Just for reference the NZ lamb legs bone in are sitting in the store freezer with $45 price tag. It's been like it for several years, the price just doubled one day for reasons unknown, and so lamb fell off the ever, even for a treat menu.

I'm on day three now of lamb sandwiches for dinner. Lamb, cheese, mayo, veggies du jour. I have tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, garlic scapes and peas to choose from at the mo. Not having to cook on a hot day is a real mercy.
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It is 81F inside my kitchen and living room. The other rooms are cooler in the mid 70s. I'm thinking a nice cold salad sounds good for dinner.
Salt, AlittleSalt, Robert
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