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Default Lights For Seed Starting

After decades of using T12 4 tube fixtures, I'm changing it up a bit. I purchased several T8 4 tube fixtures and a case of 32 watt bulbs at an electrical house auction for $50. These will replace the T12's.
Then I started playing around with screw in LED's. I found that the removing the diffuser allowed much more light with greater penetration. I opened these up by drilling a few holes and snipping the plastic with a small pair of wirecutters. They could then be gripped and popped off.
I also use a 150 watt HPS fixture to start peppers and plants that need extra heat.

The following shows energy consumtion and light output. These #'s are easy for me to understand so that I can compare costs.

(5) T8's using 20, 32 watt bulbs
640 watts used. >$50

(6) 60 watt LED's
48 watts used.
> (12) LED's consuming 144 watts and providing close to 1000 W
(6) 100 watt LED's (1) 10 pack of 60W $10 (1) 10 pack of 100W $20 =$30
96 watts used (10) cheap plastic lampholders-$10

(1) 150 watt HPS
150 watts used > Have owned for many years, no idea of price paid.

Just some ideas to mull over. I have $50 in the LED's and a couple hours in wiring, mounting and removing the diffusers. The light is brighter than all but high intensity lighting at virtually no cost.

I start seeds in a chilly basement and lights are spread out in the mechanical room and laundry room. Daytime temps struggle to reach 70 and nights around 60.
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Looks great.
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