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Screaming, I hate snakes
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Originally Posted by BettyC-5 View Post
Screaming, I hate snakes
Haven't looked at the link yet but I like snakes.

Going to bed without supper tonight other than a handful of raisins.
That's really cheap eaten.
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I don't know about anyone else's local HEB, but ours has Riverside turkeys on sale for .39 cents a pound. We bought the limit of 2 today, and will buy a couple more tomorrow. They also have Del Monte canned corn, green beans, and sweet peas 10 for $5. For a family of 6 - you need to jump on those deals.

It has taken a year for me to get it through my head that my family of 2 has turned into a family of 6 and sometimes more. Worth has reassured me that me posting about feeding a large family here is okay - actually, he has worded it nicer than that. For that I appreciate it very much.

We are going to use the thanksgiving specials to stock up on food - that's the logical thing that all of my family agrees on. Do I like canned vegetables? No, but we're trying to feed 6, and money spent needs to be used as wisely as possible. That's Cheap Eaten family style.

I wish I could still grow a garden.
Salt, AlittleSalt, Robert

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