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Default Gardening in the 'Green'

This video is a truly stunning example of gardening in the 'Green.' Pun intended.

A 'hidden' forest in the shape of a Celtic cross has emerged in Ireland

If you happen to be flying over County Donegal in the republic of Ireland, you may be astonished to see a beautiful arrangement of conifer trees in the shape of a Celtic cross growing on the ground below.

“It’s not just cutting patterns in your back garden," Gareth Austin, a gardening columnist for the Donegal Daily said. "This is horticultural engineering – we will be appreciating this for up to the next 70 years."

To pull off the beautiful design, measuring 330 feet long by 210 feet wide, two different species of trees were planted. Every autumn, the Celtic trees (likely composed of Eastern white pine) change their hue, while the surrounding species retains its dark green. The display went viral this fall after a particularly dry stretch of months made the colors contrast sharply. Airline passengers couldn't resist posting to social media about the mysterious cross. As shown in the video below, drone pilots quickly followed:
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