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Originally Posted by Tormato View Post
While Carolyn and I both agree on Prue being unique, we may have different reasons why. I'll attempt to explain mine.

Prue, to me, is unique because my perception is that there is some flavor component that I cannot detect. When I taste it, there is an area (taste bud, I must assume ) near the back of my tongue that doesn't pick anything up. It seems like all other areas (that taste tomato compounds) respond except this one area. And, Prue is the one and only tomato, out of the 1,500-2,000 that I've tried that I perceive to have this trait. And, my perception may be wrong, because when I pick up a Prue, I'm already biased about what I expect.
We all know the 5 tastes the human tongue can detect: sweet, sour, salty, bitter & umami. Could Prue be the newly discovered 6th flavor?? History in the making here!
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I thought about Prue a bit more, and maybe there's a flavor compound with a strength that masks the flavor compound that I think is missing. It doesn't really matter, because it's an excellent tasting tomato either way.
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I wanted to append White Queen to my list. It's got a very rich, awesome, sweet flavor that might be great on ice cream. I grew it in 2017 in dry conditions without black plastic or mulch. I'm trying it again this year with black plastic, with somewhat less-crowded conditions, from saved seed. It hasn't ripened, yet (so, no further report, yet).

Of all those I've mentioned, I think Ovita is the most surprisingly unique, in flavor. (And it's good. Extremely complex flavor. I wasn't alone in that thought.)

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Originally Posted by korney19 View Post
I think Snow White cherry tomato has a unique taste--the first time I bit into one I thought of skunk/skunk weed, or a really hard to describe taste. It won the "Sweetest Tomato" award numerous times...
Does the skunky quality apply also to Super Snow White?
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