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Default Change-over and Clean-up Time!

Earlier this week a northerly breeze and lower temps were a blessing and a half. The two old black walnuts continue to rain down leaves. They're also starting to drop a few nuts in what we call the fall hard hat zone.

This week's mission has been one of cleaning up. The two trombone and spaghetti vines are done and the sweet potatoes will be dug as soon as some rain softens the ground. Both areas were overgrown and met the mower.

Before: Sweet potato area in the front where the vines had run into, squash area behind the two big pots.

After: Pots gone and both areas mowed except for the actual row of sweet potato hills.

Well, I rolled the dice last week by taking down the deer netting from around the field peas. Duh. That was a stupid move. They're back and did a nice munch, not only along the edges but also inside the bed.

So I got the netting supports back up and the netting tied to it. I just know the peas will be all up into the netting before it's all over. Those vines seem to grow a mile a minute.

Two evenings ago I got the first few brassicas planted. I was about to head to the house and remembered the deer and how they love broccoli, etc so I put a netting tunnel over them and a small welded wire tunnel over the first two cauliflowers. The broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are being strung out time-wise and by variety. By the time all are planted the bed will be full.

The carrots also got sown, 18' each of Bolero and Yaya. I forgot to soak the seed overnight so they'll probably taker a bit longer to come up. Until we get rain I'll just have to mist the rows twice a day. They're saying rain by the weekend. We'll see. The weekend's almost here!
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