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Minnesota Mato
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This is the first time I've grown sungold but I have a lot of B and t tomato types and from first looks it seems to be darker and more intense orange like that of the B gene. In the hybrid vigor post, Fusion Power states, grow a S. Habrochaites plant beside a Sungold plant. They will smell almost identical. I have not seen this odor in any of the other wild species. This is why I suspect Sungold is derived from a S. Habrochaites cross. Then I read this and I think maybe it is orange from the B allele from (L. hirsutum) S. Habrochaites. Starts to add up for me. Maybe sungold is a cross between (S. Habrochaites x L. esculentum) x Jaune Flamme.
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Darren Abbey
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This thread has gone quiet, but contains a useful compendium of gene::variety information, so I figured I would wake it up again with some relevant information.

I've written a blog post about the anthocyanin traits in 'blue' tomatoes, including some discussion about where the genes came from. http://the-biologist-is-in.blogspot....ue-tomato.html
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thank you Darren, your paper was a pleasure to read and very informative
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Originally Posted by Darren Abbey View Post

The 'dg' mutation results in immature fruit having a very dark green color due to excess chlorophyll production. I'm interested in putting this mutant into a brown/purple tomato, with the idea that the enhanced chlorophyll may result in a different/better taste.

The dark green tomato project is aiming to answer this question

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