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Default Favorite organic fertilizer

Sorry I know this has been asked many times,what's your favorite organic fertilizer?I have used cotton seed meal with tomato tone,and some years alfalfa pellets with tomato tone.Have not used all three together.I need to replenish my supply this spring.
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For us these days it's bone meal, kelp meal, and a dried or pelleted chicken manure product. We don't get alfalfa or seed meals here, so I can't compare. Liquid fish products and blackstrap molasses are handy for container plants. Caplin (raw fish) and raw kelp are the key fertilizers that were used here before other products were available, and lots of that has gone into my garden over the years. .
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I can't tell any difference in them. But I have never concocted my own "home brew." I like Jobe's Organics Vegetable and Tomato Fertilizer. Pretty reasonably priced compared to many (about $18 for a 16# bag at Lowes is what I paid). Contains their proprietary microorganisms.

Here's a link at Amazon:

I do wish it had a bit more K, but back to what I started with -- I can't tell any difference in them.
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I like to use Tomato Tone (which I buy in the US) in the planting hole, along with some K. Mag.

Last year, I used some pelleted chicken manure later in the season and it seemed to work really well on my container 'maters.

The veggie garden also gets loads of compost which is enhanced with chicken manure and left to mature for a year.

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