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Default Tomatoesin grow bags - re-use of Soil

I'm hoping this is the right forum for my posting...
I am growing this year tomatoes in growing bags (20 & 25 gal) and I'm wondering, can I use the soil next year to grow tomatoes again or should I replace the soil next year?

Any reply is much appreciated.
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I have reused container soil ( it is soilless mix to begin with) with no real problems. I do dump it into a pile and add fertilizer to it then replace the soil into the containers. I also add new soilless mix to the pile if needs be. If your plants have experienced soil borne disease, that is when I would discard the old soil and start over.
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I too reuse my mix from the grow bags. I do mix in a bit of new mix each year and this year I added in a bunch of perlite. I use 10 and 15 gallon bags for my indeterminate plants.
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