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Default Purin of ecological nettle.

Hi all.
I want to share with all of you a post from a link of a Spanish web page of great prestige. I found it interesting.
It is an ecological ivy purin to combat the red spider and whitefly:

-In the section of ecological preparations with plants we could not miss one that was specially prepared to fight the whitefly and the red spider two of the most active and destructive pests of the garden next to the aphid, and although this preparation also serves us to combat other mites such as the aphid, is specially designed to combat these first two, for this we will use something as simple to get and common as is the ivy. Ivy acts as an insecticide thanks to its active ingredient heteroside, present throughout the plant both in the stem as in the leaves, but to release this active ingredient that will serve as insecticide we must prepare a fermented extract that we will see below, that if, very important not to take it and be careful as it is toxic. As almost all extracts fermented or purines that we do the amount that we must add is 1kg of leaves of ivy and stems, that we will be chopping to make it easier to li To drink its active ingredients and mix them with 10 liters of water, preferably rain or if it is from the tap we must let it rest for 24 hours so that the chlorine evaporates, this is very important. The most important part of the purines is that they should be removed at least during 5 minutes a day during the two weeks that is more or less what it takes the fermentation, with this we get oxygenate the mixture and that the fermentation takes place, if we did not remove, what would happen is a rot. Once this is ready we must strain it very important because we can tupir the sprayer that although there are sprayers like those of Matabi Evolution 7 that have a good system to disassemble and clean but it is also good to strain if we want to keep it so that there is no second fermentation. To use our extract of Ivy is going to dilute it to 5% and it is so effective and powerful that it does not need more.To attack the plagues of the affected plants we will do 3 spraying It is in 9 days, that is to say once every 3 days, since if they had left eggs these do not die and normally hatch between one and three days.

Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything better.-Albert Einstein.

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Thanks Nico for this interesting information. Definitely worth following up on if one has an infestation of these critters.
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