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Default Homemade Pizza Sauce

We eat both the leaf and the flowers, both dried, as Zaatar, the thyme like mix (along with ground sumac and sesame seed) that Lebanese folks spread with EVOO on thin dough (thinner than pizza) to make Manouch. Very yummy and addictive snack anytime.

Try this for a dressing: chop a bunch of leaves very fine, no stems, mix with EVOO and balsamic vinegar, a pinch of salt, and drizzle over fresh cut tomatoes.
Thanks for those insights into your culinary culture. (I'm fasting at the moment, and you're killing me. )

For tomato-based pizza sauces, I enjoy oregano as a defining herb.
Soften garlic in olive oil. Smash a salted anchovy fillet or two in the pan, and stir in crushed tomatoes. Season with salt, generous black pepper, hot chile flakes to taste, and a couple of pinches of sugar. Cook down to desired consistency, judiciously (or with wild abandon) adding oregano as you dare.

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I am just about convinced that insects have a sensual perception that we cannot grasp. I was standing in my garden watching various pollinators go about their business and for a few moments I could virtually perceive a state of bliss amongst them. It was one of those moments that are precious beyond words. They actually imparted a state of bliss to me.
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