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Default Potted oregano is slowly dying

Hello everyone

This past spring I started a bunch of plants by seed in a small greenhouse container. Some of the plants went into the ground, mostly the large stuff, and the rest in containers. This is my first year planting so I'm still learning a bunch.

Fast forward to now, I have an oregano plant, among others, in my dorm room at school. My indoor growing setup consists of 8 plants (2 peppers, a tomato, spider plant, aloe plant, oregano plant, parsley plant, and another one which i cant remember). These plants are being fed light from 7 am till 10 at night by three halogen bulbs. These bulbs are successfully keeping everything alive except the oregano.

About 3 weeks ago I saw small brown spots developing on my oregano plant. Thinking it was just pot bound, I replanted to a bigger pot. This didn't help. The leaves are still dying at a good rate.

I'm thinking the soil may not be getting enough heat to dry out the water, and the plan may just be waterbound? I noticed with these plants being indoors I only need to water less than once per week because the soil stays moist. (I may try to cut some of the soil with some sand in the next re pot cycle)

Any ideas on why my oregano plant is dying?
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