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Default Chilly Brassicas!

We've had two cold mornings of 28 and 27 degrees. The carrots got more leaves dumped over them to cover. Brassicas are pretty hardy but just as an insurance policy, I laid some old sheets over most of the plants the afternoon before. They're some of the eight sheets I bought at an estate sale for a few dollars and they come in handy. This morning all the covers came off and I brushed the leaves off the carrots. Everything’s fine.

A fitted sheet snugged just right over three of the cabbages:

This morning I found that there are four little mini cabbages forming on the base of a Stonehead cabbage I cut a few weeks ago. I've seen this happen before but it was spring and I needed the bed space for something else. Lots of time now so I'll let these go and see what happens.

Here are two of the Late Flat Dutch. I've never grown these before but they're very late compared to the Stonehead and Charleston Wakefield and so a natural staggering of finish time. They're starting to look a little flat. Big plants!

I've never had success with red cabbages before. This is new-to-me Red Acre and I think it will do the trick. Third time's a charm! I only started two plants as a test. If they finish well, there will be more next fall as it's a long finisher too.

We're supposed to get a bunch of rain again, possibly 2-3" this weekend, maybe more. I've already told the cabbages to don their life vests!
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