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Default lettuces

our lettuce has been doing extremely well this year.
i have been succession planting for a change to ensure a fresh crop once the preceding crop starts to bolt. i have a variety of bibb, frilly, and butter crunch that i got from a local seed saver that i have let bolt and go to seed in previous years. they continue to come up each year. a few standouts are nevada which a fellow home schooler has raved about, says its the only lettuce she grows, and ohhh, you have to let some of them form heads. nevada i agree, is a very good lettuce. pirat is a butter crunch that we like. light green crinkly leaves with some brown in them. i am also growing a green romaine, and cimmaron, a red romaine. i haven't tried the cimmaron yet.
there are a couple red oak leaf lettuces growing that got massive. i hope to get seeds from them once they bolt. i got those from the local seed saver.
my wife is very happy with the lettuce, salads every day, each day a little different.
how is your lettuce crop doing?
which ones do you like best?

don't abort. we'll adopt.
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Sherwood (mini romaine) is taking the prize for our best loved lettuce this year. They are pretty bolt resistant as well as tasty. The switch to hot weather has started to toughen the outermost leaves a little but the hearts are still great.
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Nevada has been my main go-to lettuce for a few years now. I still have a few last heads going from my planting in May. As long as you keep it watered, it doesn't mind some heat and is not bitter. I like Summertime too, but seeds are harder to find, and it does not last quite as long.

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University of Hawaii- Manoa lettuce is what I grow.
I grow in NFT channels and love having a continuing supply.
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Muir is my favorite, super slow to bolt,and very good flavor.
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Ugg, all these varieties I need to try...but I have over a hundred in trials right now.

I've been growing salads year round for five+ years and testing some head types to
round out my daily fixin's. Garden grows 'in ground' all summer for 20+ years using shade frames
to cut down the blazing sun.

I get a bit frustrated when some say "finally, I can't wait for that first garden salad" when I have salads 365 days. Every day.

We do have another post about salad greens started early Spring...
I have been taking lots of pics for personal growing trials.

A four foot shelf, LED, will supply greens all year BTW.
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