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Fred Hempel
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Originally Posted by DK2021 View Post
Only just started to look in the direction of my boxes of seed and thinking of what to grow this year and where--I try to rotate where I'm planting crops. I think tomatoes are going to go in a plot that's never had solanaceous plants in it, just corn and squash. For tomatoes I am going to try out the 3 new bicolor beefsteak F1 hybrids from Artisan Seeds. I almost never grow F1 hybrids but I'm a fan of Artisan. Repeats for me will probably include Taiga, Lucky Tiger (in spite of its tendency to split, I love this tomato!), Ananas Noir, Old Carolina (a.k.a. Nell Bryson) which was outstanding for me last season, Regina (woolly yellow tomato from Carolyn Male's collection, thanks to @FarmerShawn), and Atomic Fusion. Have to leave room for new-to-me varieties!
Please let me know how those bicolor beefsteaks do!
Artisan Seeds --
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