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Default Onions this year

I just set out my onions last week from seed I started in my greenhouse back in the fall. I still have a few hundred left over if I can find anyone near that wants to set some out this year. I gave some to one of my sons and to one of my nephews and a couple of other nearby gardeners. This year I had very good germination with my seeds that are all at least a year old and they grew fairly well compared to last year so I ended up with way too many which is better than way too few which is much more common. I find starting onion seed to be a mystery as to why sometimes they come up and grow great and other plantings barely germinate at all or grow so slow that they are too small when it is time to set them out.

I grow all short day onions like Crystal Wax (Bermuda), Red Granex, Red Burgundy, Texas Early Grano and 1015. I have occasionally grown intermediate and long day onions but they seldom are successful down here and after a lot of failures with them I now stick solely to the short day onions even though most of them are not the best for long storage.

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Hi Bill.
Talking about onions, thats what we can plant this
time of year. I got some about 100 sets from a nursery.
He said they are vidalis. I also have some red variety in
my cold frame. I cannot remember the name right now
but they short day. Thats what we can grow down here.
last year I did some Texas Grano, from seed. did pretty well.

Happy Gardening !
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