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My dad had a good sized garden in Chino Hills, California. He had a gopher problem. This is what he did, kinda gross. Find the entrance and exit holes. Put the hose at one end, turn on the water, be at the other end with a shovel. Get the picture. Worked for him.

I didn’t read the you don’t want to hunt them down part of your post, sorry.

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I saw one of the garlic cloves planted near the vole holes was on the ground lying on it's side with the roots showing, but the surrounding area looked undisturbed. Nothing has broken ground this year. It has been very dry and the hoses are put away so I was anxious to not see any activity. Other than the initial hand watering from a can and the recent snow they were on their own. It was good to see some root growth, even though that particular clove is compromised.

I scored another 2 pots, for a total of 4 frosting buckets. I had a little mishap with a garden cart and I am hoping for help with filling the buckets. A warm Dec followed by very cold Jan / Feb temps is now predicted.

- Lisa
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