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Originally Posted by GoDawgs View Post
Thanks for the tip. I've looked it up and what I've found pretty much looks like it. I've never planted any and there aren't any more anywhere else on the property that I've found so how ti got there is still a mystery that will remain so.
Ours started as a single mystery flower too! I thought "oh, how pretty" and left it. Up here in this corner of the country they naturalize easily. They are beautiful, but I'm in a small in-city lot and need to guard every inch of available planting space.
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We grow our cypress up a 20' pole with 1' rabbit fence zip-tied to the pole to help it cling. The Hummingbirds really like it.
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I just planted white cypress vine in hope of attracting more hummingbirds. I have it started at the bottom of a ten foot post but from there it can climb on my crepe myrtle. I also have Grandpa Ott's morning glory near it so I hope they look nice together.
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