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Default new fruit is turning yellow?

Could someone shed some light on why my new fruit is turning yellow?

My first problem was with leaf miners.

I sprayed with Spinosad and the leaf miner problem stopped, but now still, I'm not getting fruit forming.

I have good pollination (feel like the bumblebee and I are on first name basis name) with bees and bubblebees.

I'm lightly feeding with Texas Tomato Food once a week which seems to spur flower blooming but the fruit getting pollinated isn't maturing.

I'm seeing this on my kobocha squash, fairy, sweet mama & hokkori 133, less so on my early bulan and butternut.
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Hello Dak

As I suffer with my Amish Desters heat related problems by making the mistakes of pruning and Removing the shad at the same time during high heat condition; you may be facing the same thing. Both Tomatoes and Vegetables will suffer the same way. Heat Damage to Tomatoes Plants and Vegetables Plants; even Winter Squash Plants combined with intense sunlight can cause blossom drop like the Vegetable in your pictures. Under these condition they will shed their flowers without fruiting when daytime temperatures rise above 95 degrees Fahrenheit or cause problems like in your pictures,.showing your Garden Plants just just "stop ripening", that will soon drop off your plants.

If your problem is Heat related once your temperatures in your area cool, you Plants may recover, Amen!!

For the last 2 days being out-of high temperature here. I can tell my other plants are resuming flowering immediately below 95 -101 degrees.

Are you having High Heat Temperatures?
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
MrsJustice as Farmer Joyce Beggs
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I think that may be it, MsJustice. I did start getting fruit to form back about mid-July and when I looked up those temperatures, while it was hot during the day (101 plus) while it was flowering, it was during a cool stage (mid-80s) that the squash began to mature.

It doesn't stay hot all day here either, it will drop down to the 50's at night, so I'm getting pollination, it's just too hot for it to fruit. I had thought excess heat only affected pollination, seems it also prevents fruit to form.

Thank you for helping me figure this out!

I'm installing shade cloth tomorrow over my tomatoes, some it it will cover my squash, though not all, but maybe a little shade will help.

First time I'm growing vertically this year,
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