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Old May 9, 2021   #16
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I picked up a flavor king pluot tree yesterday. Local nursery had fruit trees for $18. I bought a French plum and a donut peach too. After I got home, I found out that the pluot needed a pollinator. The nursery didn't have other pluots or japanese plums. Google told me that apricots wouldn't work, my neighbor has probably a dozen, and I have some little seedlings. After more Google, I remembered that I have other plums, Red Prairie, a hybrid American plum. I looked it up, and it should work. The red prairie plants are still tiny, but they'll grow. I also have a Nanking cherry, I couldn't find a definite answer about that one, but it's a plum, not a real cherry, so maybe.
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I had these for the first time this season shipped to me from Frog Hollow Farm in California. Expensive, but there are no good plums being grown in this area of CT. They were absolutely fantastic and by far the best plums (I know I know, it’s a cross but it looks like a plum!) I’ve had in the US, only rivaled by the plums I’ve had in southern Italy where my parents were born. Boy do I wish this is what plums at the store regularly tasted like! The only good ones I can find occasionally are Shiros at a few of the better farmers markets. I bought a Green Gage this year, which is notoriously finicky and stingy even in the areas it is famous (France, Italy) but a ripe Green Gage in Italy is among the best fruits on earth.
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Maybe one day I will try it, but I have to many Plums, Pears and Green Apple to eat, Freeze and give away growing on my Farmland, Amen!!!
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
MrsJustice as Farmer Joyce Beggs
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