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Originally Posted by seaeagle View Post
Copied from my garden plan


5 Arkansas Traveler 1 Amish Gold Slicer 1 Rebel Yell 1 Margaret Curtain

1 Captain Lucky 1 Druzba 1 Boxcar Willie 1 Cherokee Purple 1 Dester 1 Kellog's Breakfast

2 Danko

Happy growing!
The Amish Dester I cannot keep in Stock. I have increased my Plants for 2024.

They are just Delicious, Amen!!!!!
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
MrsJustice as Farmer Joyce Beggs
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burpee early treat
burpee early girl
burpee super sauce
kumato (saved seed some years ago from grocery store)
big daddy (originally burpee seed but have been growing saved seed for years)
ace 55
cherokee purple

main concentration will be on that super sauce. anyone grown it before? i think it is a fairly new variety. 2lbs few seeds, i think i heard them say lol.
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I'm trying to get my list down to 40 but I don't see that happening. That's all I usually get into the ground. Meanwhile my SOW list is:
Abe Lincoln 1923
Aker's West Virginia
Amish Canner
Amos Coli
Anna Russian Oxheart
Aunt Gertie's Gold
Belmonte Pear sauce
Belgian Beauty
Big Gig paste
Big Mack/Mac's Pride
Black Mountain Pink
Brandysweet Plum
Butler Skinner
Butterworth PL pink
Chadwick's Cherry/ Camp Joy
Chuck's Yellow
Clayton Purple
Cosmonaut Volvokov
Cow's Tit
Dester pink
Diva de Diva
Dot's Delight
Dr. Lyle
Dragon's Eye Cherry
Earl of Edgecomb
Earl's Faux
Early Girl BUSH 54 days
Eckert's Family Oxheart
Forest Fire Cherry Determinate
Gajo de Melon
Galina Cherry
Gandolf Cherry
Georgia Streak
Gold Medal
Goose Creek
Granny Cantrell's
Grunge in the Sky Cherry
Hahnstown Yellow 3 foot tall
Jersey Devil
Kapia Red Paste
Korean Long
Kozula 136
Lambert's General Grant
Martha Logan
Norwood's Louisiana Red
Oaxacan Jewel
Opal's Homestead
Orange Russian 117
Oregon Spring
Ozark Pink
Pruden's Purple
Rose, Amish
Rose de Berne
San Marzano Redorta
Santa Maria
Selwyn's Yellow
Shuntusky Bogatir
Solar Flare Red
Stump of the World
Sweet Chelsie
Sweetie Cherry
Taiwan Goddess
Texas Star
Texhorn's Red and Yellow
Thai Pink Egg
Tiffin Mennonite
Top Sirloin
Tropical Sunset Cherry
Uncle Steve's Italian Plum
Vechnyi Zov
Vinson Watts
Virginia Sweets
Yoder's German Yellow
And I did some germination tests last month so there are about 20 varieties...I may just give those seedlings away to a homesteading group of ladies... I am in NW Ohio and we get that really hot/humid spell in July that stops tomato production so about a 3 week delay. SOTW had huge production last fall and most of them were still green in Oct. Overall, I had 4-6 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes in late season and cherries in August off of 40 plants.
Bon Van Meter: The earth calls to my stirs my blood. Gardening refreshes my spirit tenfold.
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[QUOTE=PaulF;772070]I thought my list was posted somewhere but here goes. There have been a few additions and subtraction since the first list.

2023 was so bad if I didn't show some early enthusiasm I may not even try gardening for a while. So earliest ever list of tomatoes and peppers:

Reds: Box Car Willie, Fred Limbaugh's Potato Top, Neve's Azorean Red, Domingo, Tsarskiy Lubmets

Pinks: Big Ben #1, Cowlick's Brandywine, Brimmer, Butterbaugh, Dot's Delight, Giant Belgium, Soldaki, Willow's Bulgarian

Yellow/Bi-color: Jeanine's Heart, Orange Russian #117

Black: Carbon, Kan-Tex Sweetheart(? is this correct), Maggie Mater.


It's TexKan Sweetheart
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