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Default Sprouting Temp-How long?

After my peppers are sprouted on my matts at 80-85 degrees, how long do the need to remain on the matts? How big should they be? When can I remove them an move to larger permeate lights without heating matts?
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They should be removed from the heat Matt after a few days or till your sure most of the seeds have germinated.

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If you have a thermostat connected to your mat, you can just lower the target soil temperature too.
My unheated basement ambient air temperature might be in the 50's or low 60's like it is now, but if I'm starting heat loving plants like basil or peppers, I set the seedling heat mat to around 65°-70°F to keep the roots warm.
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I am going to use this Heating Mat Ideal for my Peppers today. I will be using some plastic protection to keep any water from the heating pad. Every plant is doing fines and growing well, but not my Peppers.

But my Eater Lilly are blooming well outside in cold weather, Amen!!
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
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