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Originally Posted by rhines81 View Post
if you really want heat in your poppers, take a few jalapenos (or other hotter peppers - even habenero) and put them in a blender. Mix this puree with your cream cheese/meat mix for stuffing. Nothing wrong with scraping out the seeds before stuffing. I steam cook my poppers, length of time varies depending on flesh thickness. Oh, and I steam them pre-stuffed!
Steaming! I steam just about every other veggie to keep the flavor in so why didn't I think about doing that with the jalapeno halves instead of simmering them? Probably because that's what the recipe said to do. Duh! Thanks for the tip.

Oh, and to keep it on topic, I've been growing Mucho Nacho for a long time. Last year I tried Jalapeno M and like it too. Average size peppers which is what I want for pickled slices and poppers.
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Never found a Jal I was happy with.
Switched to Sarit Gat and Fresno for my hot fix.
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I grow early jalapeño and jalafuego. I haven’t found either to be exceptionally productive or large since moving to NC but in AZ they were great. I’m still working on my jalapeño method for NC. I’m also having trouble getting many and large anchos and poblanos.
We love Mexican food ,especially rellanos and hatch green Chile so it’s been hard to not be able to grow the proper ingredients when other peppers are going insane.
So,I’m also looking for a productive,large jalapeño as well as an ancho.
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