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Jimmy Nardelo pepper is an heirloom and you can save your own seeds
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Originally Posted by uno View Post
I grew Jimmy Nardello peppers for the first time in 2018.

They were beautiful and did great. I loved everything about them except they were so hot no one could eat them and I had a hard time even giving them away.

They were so hot that my finger tips burned (around the fingernail bed) for days after cutting them up.

I got my seeds from Tomato Growers. I really TGS I have ordered from them for decades but this pepper was anything but sweet!

Just wanted to see if someone could recommend a seed source for Jimmy Nardello peppers that would for sure NOT be hot?

I would love to grow them next season I just want them to be sweet.



Agree that those are not Jimmy Nardellos, which are more wrinkled and twisty, and sweet.
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