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Default How Many Strawberries in Hanging Basket


I’m trying some strawberries in hanging baskets. I bought pots of 3 Quinaults plants. I put 2 each in 12 inch hanging baskets. They look a bit sparse. Should I add 1 more to each planter, or will they fill out?

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According to several Youtube gardening videos that I have watched, that sounds very reasonable. Many gardeners plant five or six strawberry plants in a larger basket. Some even use the sides for space as well (it works, if the material is natural and soft, like coco coir etc)

I palced four originally - the main one in the middle (Fragaria X Ananassa var. Rosana), a sideshoot of it a bit farther away, and two different kind of other varieties around them.
Seems to be thriving, and the flowers of the main one are opening soon.

(I may not get a huge crop of this basket, but it was mainly for decoration and experimenting...)
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