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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
Schule1, you hopefully won't ever see the Spanish hanging tomato seeds for sale. The original source of them asked that they never be sold, "in honor of the poor people" with whom the seeds originated. They can be traded; Check your PM box.
Maybe because people who are very poor can't afford to buy seeds and they are shared and traded free of charge, amongst neighbors and friends, as a source of food. If that is the case,and as poor as they are they refuse to try to profit from those who also need food, they would like to see that tradition respected. Pay it forward rather than make a profit from it.
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Gary, I'll get my Hawaii varieties in the mail for you - I don't think they like the Indiana climate. I saw/witnessed Fusion's issue and non productive - but....................
Thanks again for your mailing to me
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Fred Hempel
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True, but I am not clear on how they want to be honored. I have only heard, second hand, how someone wants to honor them...

It was not explicitly stated what "the poor" expect or want, in the way of seed distribution or lack of distribution.

They may not want the seeds to be distributed period. Again, What I read is that the wish of someone who was distributing seeds doesn't want them bought or sold.

It was not stated that "the poor", who were the source of the seeds, want them distributed for free.

The idea that they don't want anything sounds fishy to me. I bet if they don't want them bought or sold, they may not want them distributed, period.

Originally Posted by Tormato View Post
It's not for us to decide, or even understand, how they want to be honored.

Perhaps a walk in their shoes would find the answer. Seeing things from a different perspective can change minds. If they have everything they need, rather than want, what good is a royalty check? One thing is extremely clear, they must have a very strong reason why they don't want seeds and plants sold.
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Been waiting for several years and two or three threads like this to get a variety I had and then misplaced. Thanks to Retiree the seeds for Paul's Pink Pride arrived today. Ta-Da!
there's two things money can't buy; true love and home grown tomatoes.
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