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Black Krim
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Originally Posted by SQWIBB View Post
Beef burgers with eggplant.
I shred the eggplant and add to some 80/20, doesn't really add flavor but really makes the burgers juicier,

Great!! Juicy and and veg? Win-win.
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Originally Posted by Zeedman View Post
We grow several of the the long, Asian-type eggplant varieties. Our favorite ways to eat them are as battered & fried "fans"; chopped into an omelet; in a salad with fresh tomatoes & okra; or as one of the many vegetables in the Filipino soup pinakbet.

To make the "fans", we first steam the eggplant whole until cooked, then allow them to cool & peel them (we freeze a lot of them at that stage). With the stem still attached, we slice lengthwise several times away from the stem, then dip them into a spiced egg batter & fry them. After being flattened with the spatula, they widen at the blossom end, forming a fan shape. You hold them by the stem to eat them... all of our children & grandchildren love eggplant this way. Any remaining batter is scrambled with the pan leavings, which is how we discovered how good chopped eggplant omelets are.
I ate them that way in the Philippines - great dish. I roast it rather than steam it.
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Thanks for all great eggplant eating ideas!
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I will definitely try that tomorrow. Many, many thanks.


Originally Posted by rhines81 View Post
For curled or slightly wilty looking leaves on a young pepper plant try a 1/2 tsp of Epsom salt per quart of water (2 tsp per gallon). Should be all perked up by the following day!
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