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Default Growing Leeks

Anyone growing leeks? Would like to try them in 5 gallon buckets and a raised bed. Advice welcomed and seeds wanted for trade.
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I just sowed my first seeds of the season, American Flag Leeks. I soak them 2 days before dense planting in a deep cup of seed starting soil. My seeds were from 2018, and it seems all 40 had little tails swimming in the soaking cup. I grow leeks in a raised bed which is filled with many years old miracle grow with a good buildup of leaf muclh. They do very well in the loose soil. T treat them to a snack of blue stull often. They are in full sun.
Wish I had seeds to share with you. I tried overwntering a few plants but they were a stinky mess come fall. I don't think they liked my climate , or it wasn't the right type for overwintering.

Dixondale sells one variety of leek plants. I grow these when I can find them locally in early spring. They are good quality, usuallu\y over half the bunch is very fat. It would be worth searching these out.

- Lisa
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I'll be watching this thread as for whatever reason, leeks are one of those things I just don't have success with and can't figure out why. I have great success with scallions, somewhat success with onions but even somewhat success with leeks eludes me. I can grow the transplants from seed just fine. They just don't do well in the garden. heavy sigh.....
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Dixondale farms is having free shipping right now according to their website, sigh....I am so very easily tempted.
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.
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containers , leeks , seeds wanted , trade

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