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Default Hosta seed question

I have lots of hosta seed to harvest from seed pods.
I also have a raised bed that is in the shade.
Can I just sow the seed in the bed this fall or should I wait until spring?
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here is some information about propagating hosta from seed. as noted here, it will take quite a while (2 years) to get a plant that you will be able to see the characteristics of and as well, since they are all hybrids, the plants grown from seed will not have the same characteristics as the parent plant. If you have the time and patience, there is good info here on how to do it. The fastest way to increase your hosta collection though is by dividing the plants you already have which can be done either now or in the spring.
It would be interesting to have a go at trying to grow them from seed but I don't think direct sowing outdoors would be the way to go. If I was going to do it I would start them under lights indoors and transplant the seedlings in spring.
Karen O

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