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Default Cayenne Peppers for Franks type hot sauce

This is one of the FEW, well really ONLY hot pepper sauce flavors that I like. How do I know that ? I started a variety of hot peppers for son's friends and he didn't have time to take care of them (being polite), so I took over the project, in pots and in ground. The summer was unusually hot and long. The cayennes ripened towards the end. Happy dance!

I had Red Rocket cayenne seeds, so I grew those. The flavor was very good, but the pepper was skinny and long and thin walled. It was quite a pain to de-seed. I'm considering the 2018 Red Ember AAS winner, but would like to grow one more cayenne for making the sauce. I have Joe's Long Cayenne but I still would like one more thick walled type in my short fickle climate. I"ll be starting them in about a month.

It will only be for me (I don't think I could take the fumes coming from the saucepan for explosive types like so many here do) so not toooooo hot please!

- Lisa
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