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Default First Brassicas Going Out Tomorrow

These are the first round brassicas that will be heading out to the garden tomorrow. They've been hardening off for a week. The weather forecast is for highs in the 50's with lows in the mid-low 40's, nice for brassicas. I think we'll still put a tunnel over them right off the bat, ends open so that when it's needed there won;t be any rushing around to do it. The bed was forked up pre-surgery so all Pickles will have to do is loosen up the planting holes, add a few magic herbs and spices to the holes and stick the plants in. She'll have a diagram showing what goes where.

These are second and third round brassicas. They're coming along. I need to give the scallions another haircut.

Tomorrow I will start the last broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage plants as well as more asparagus seed. Then there will be a break until the last week of this month when the pepper plants get started.
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good luck. They look quite good.
Down here we have very similar weather
to Atlanta area. I am starting some seeds
in cold frame now. Brassica are real cold hardy
once the get established.
I like pak choy, broccoli Raab, chards beets.

Happy Gardening !
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