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Default Last Planting and Full Moon of the year

The year has almost slipped by. I will grab it by the tail tomorrow and hold it long enough to get one more planting in. The six kohlrabi are ready to go, the moon is right and rain will be moving in. I've never planted kohlrabi or anything else this late so it's just an experiment. The mornings in the 20's are gone for now so the new kids on the block will have some days in the 60's to grow in for a little while.

Just a little while ago the last full moon of the year rose over the horizon and was huge! So I grabbed the camera and used just the auto setting and zoom. Then I played with it in the iPhoto and added a blue tint just for grins and giggles.

Time to grab a cold brewski and watch some football! Y'all have a decent evening.
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