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Default B.I.G. Tiger

I've realized how much I like the super complex crosses, maybe stability just bores me. This is about as complex as they come.
Anyway the full cross is - [(Beauty King x Indigo Rose)F1 x Green When Ripe Wildthyme)F1 x (KBX x Siberian Tiger Pink) F1]
Basically I want "original" Siberian Tiger stripes like the ones that blew up the tomato internet all those years ago
And taste, taste, taste. Too many good tasting parents in there for it not to taste good.

Here's the F1's from 2015

FY 1-5The main one I carried forward. Stripes are pretty much dead on, and the fruit were meaty, juicy, and tasty.

FY 1-4

L 5-11. Really nice, subtle stripes. No Antho

L 5-10. Good taste

L 5-6

Here's the 2016 F2's


T13-1 Good looks to say the least. Decent taste

FY 6-6, FY 6-4, FY 6-3
6-4 was a black with antho,taste 8.5/10 ; 6-5 was tangy, with a “black” interior 8.5/10
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