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Default 2021 Sweet Potatoes grown in bags

I grew sweet potatoes for the first time this year in 10 gallon Bags with Potting Mix. I planted 2 slips per bag. I planted 4 Porto Rico plants and 6 Beauregard plants and let the vines climb up on garden trellis. I applied about 1 lb of 5-10-10 per bag. I also applied Texas Tomato Food about twice a month. I watered about every 3 days. Here are the results. The 4 Porto Rico (Bush) plants produced 16.5 lbs. The 6 Beauregard plants produced 48 lbs. I had to cut open the bags to get the potatoes out. I cured them by laying them out on a table and tented a piece of black plastic over them. The temperature under the plastic stayed around 85 degrees and the humility stayed around 85 percent. I left them there for 7 days. They turned out alright. Some Beauregard potatoes weighted in over 3 lbs each. Next year I am going to plant only the Beauregard. I used the TTF because it was to hard trying to apply fertilizer after the vines started growing and spreading. Thanks for Tomatoville. I hope my experiment with growing sweet potatoes in bags will help others.
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Very good Jesse103. Was thinking of doing this this southern summer. Will be definitely giving it a go if I can get slips from the tuber currently on heat.
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