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Default Broke the top off!

My husband picked up a Hungarian sweet pepper plant at the store for me today. About 4 minutes after he brought it home, I knocked it off the counter, top down, onto the floor. And it was the last one at the store. I broke the whole top 4 inches or so off - almost all the leaves and everything. I don't know anything about peppers. Will it still live to produce if I leave it alone in the pot or is it destined for the compost bin?
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If the top is broken off it will produce side shoots. It will produce peppers eventually. Don't bin it.

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Agree. I had a problem earlier this season with some rascally wabbits before they were...shall we say..."relocated" to a better place. Never had rabbit difficulties previously. They did a number on a bunch of my sweet pepper seedlings. Random branches chomped off, tops chomped off, etc. They didn't look too pretty for a while but in the long run, as the season has progressed they have performed just fine.

It should be OK and its worth a shot anyway. But if it was a small seedling to begin with and the majority of its foliage is gone it may not make it. Similar things have happened to me, not including rabbit damage and some were fine, others after a few weeks looked terrible and I discarded before it was too late in the season for a replacement.
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