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Default why just one?

I have 6 plants in a row - all different varieties. mammoth cherry, early girl, big boy, roma, homestead, better boy.

the better boy is on the end of row and is the largest of all of them, but NO fruit. blooms dry up and fall off.
all in a raised bed, same soil, light, water, humidity and temperature, etc.
other 5 plants doing great and producing.

strange thing is that last year, same thing of the plant in that same corner of the bed, but it was an heirloom - never did produce the first fruit.

any suggestions?
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Give it a good bit of extra water for a few days and a dose of Miracle Grow and prune out most of your suckers. Since the plant is on the end of the row it may have more competition for nutrients and water from roots of trees or bushes nearby or it may just be a difference in the soil causing it not to hold water as well. Usually when I see a lot of blossom drop it is from insufficient water so you might want to mulch that plant more heavily.
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