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We have under four weeks until SETTFest, and no one is posting updates?

I am optimistic that I will have at least a few large 'maters for the sampling, but most of mine are going to be in the mid-size range. I finally conceded defeat and strung out my soaker hoses and have moved to a vigorous watering schedule in an effort to improve size. I will also be hitting everyone with another dose of fertilizer soon.

Lucky Cross is proving to be a disappointment. Although everyone has blooms, this one has been the least prolific. Roy and Shelly report the same results ("typical Brandywine" --Roy). I will likely not plant it again --coulda had a Cherokee Purple instead!

I had a mystery 'mater volunteer in the lawn off the patio, and I was able to transplant it successfully to the beds. It is some sort of red cherry, good but not outstanding taste, decent production. I will try to bring some for sampling.

JD's C-Tex (store-bought) had precociously early blooms and actually produced pickable (blushing) fruit by Day 60; however, by allowing the fruits to come in, I think I have hampered production on the plant overall. I may not produce any more in time for June 2.

Knock wood but I have had few bug problems; a semi-rigorous schedule of neem oil seems to work well for me. What bugs there are seem to be more attracted to the mustard greens, which I am leaving in the ground to serve as a distraction.

Another lousy year for squash. I think it's a pollination issue.
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Please see the first post of this thread to read an important announcement about SETTFest 2012.
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