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Default Smagedage 2011 Tomato Tasting in Toftegaard (Copenhagen)

Hard to believe I have been in Copenhagen for 1 year (officially) but I attended the Toftegaard tomato and pepper Smagedage (tasting day) again 2 weeks ago and I am happy to share the photos of the event.

<< Thread about last year's 2010 Smagedage

The morning weather was exemplary and I once again enjoyed a 7km bike ride after traveling by S-Train from Copenhagen to Køge. However towards the close of the event, stormclouds rolled in bringing rain. As a result I did not have time to do a tour of the growing greenhouse. I said hello to the owner of Toftegaard and told her a bit about myself and my interest in tomatoes, and then gave her a Tomatoville T-shirt.

I and a few others who had attended the event attempted to use the regional train but due to a miscommunication (you must press a button to get the train to stop, which we'd done, but only the train in the opposite direction stopped, not the one we needed), the train ignored the station and blew past. Faced with an hour wait, or an expensive taxi ride, I chose to ride back in the rain.

Anyway, it was a fun event. It was not as populated as last year's event. I'd say numbers were less than half. As I've mentioned a few times before, Denmark has experienced months of grey skies and cool weather. Summer has been almost a cruel joke. At least the BBQ ribs and corn were nice in between tasting tomatoes.

As a result of the uncooperative weather, I could count on one hand the beefsteak tomatoes that were present for tasting. The vast majority of tomatoes available to try were cherries, grape, and saladette sizes.

Tomatoes I made a note of having a good flavor:
  • DRW 7565 (European hybrid)
  • Darby
  • Old Ivery Eggs (similar to Dino Eggs)
  • Torpedino (pink plum)
  • Kentaro (pink oblate)
  • Clementine Orange Cocktail (similar to Jaune Flamme)
  • Piccolino (pink saladette)
  • Ildi (yellow cherry)
  • Rosada (lg red grape)
  • Toftegaard's Mini Plum (grape)
  • Sungold
  • Black Cherry
  • Flavorita (red cherry)
  • Sweet Cherry
And now we get down to the peppers...

Check out the list of peppers. They really like em hot! Here are just a few of the 8-9 strength peppers they had cut up and ready for self-flagellation:
  • Fatali
  • Habanero (several different)
  • Naga Jolokia
  • Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
  • Bih Jolokia Improved II
  • Red Savina
  • Trinidad Scorpion
  • Zimbabwe Bird
  • Thai Chili

There are more but you get the idea. They had cartons of milk ready to help tasters put the fire out. I didn't try any of the peppers, even the sweet ones of which there were many varieties.

Thanks for reading and here's to hoping we have a few nice days yet this year before the snow flies.

Photos of 2011 Smagedage >>
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