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Originally Posted by bower View Post
We never see fresh tumeric in the supermarket here, ever.
My friend brought me a little piece from Hawaii two years ago. The first year it sprouted in July - way late! And then it hung on in the greenhouse in the cold not wanting to die down. Repotted and split the roots with my friend and another. And this year my little piece actually sprouted in the spring and finally finally started to flower in September. Gorgeous flowers!
They don't seem to have a good sense of what the seasons are, as other plants do. Guess that goes with the tropical territory. One of my friends got nothing of it, and the other had a small sprout that came up in the summer and got no bigger.
Anyway the friend who gave it to me in the first place is back on the island and I gave her the plant this fall .
My elephant ears bloomed one year, yes they bloom.
They look like a Jack in the Pulpit.
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