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Originally Posted by Jimbotomateo View Post
Can we complain about the drought and then gripe about too much rain? Is that double dipping.. One reason I grew in containers last year was the ground was so freaking hard.! Put a shovel in the ground last week and went in 8 inches. When I pulled a clump of dirt and grass I found earthworms! What to do? My wife says Antonio can rototill after the rains. Will that destroy my worms.? Antonio will till four inches deep then he says we rake out grass and he comes back to till 8 inches deep. No chemicals have been used on the yard for at least 30 years. I'd like to build berms out of existing soil and add something for aeration and water retention. Plastic over the top for weed control. Some kind of mulch over plastic?. I have 20 fifteen gal containers and 30 three gal containers of roots organic potting mix I could incorporate. Thinking about adding perlite. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. .Jimbo
Jimbo if you go with plastic mulch a company called Polywest in Guadalupe sells any size you need for cheap and they even custom cut it to the length i wanted. I just stopped by there today on my way home and bought 4000 tomato trellis clips for 30 bucks. Talk to Chris if you can he is awesome and loves to help. I have bought my plastic mulch, drip tape, staples, and trellis clips from there for cheap.
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