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Tomato's are looking wonderful ! Transplanted into 1 gallon pots and will be bringing them in those and then have a 2nd batch transplanting into 4' pot's to bring those.
I've been using only at fist true leaves Organic rooting stimulant to water them, then homemade fish emulsion and Epsom salt water for all of them and they all have wonderful roots and are beautiful plants.
Last years plant trade produced thousands of wonderful tomato's we harvested along with all our own plants at Antioch Organic Community Garden.

I have Stepped down from this community garden, took some time for my health and just Started 2 new groups ,a homeschool garden club and a new community garden.
We are just planting our fall/winter gardens in this area for both groups and plan to grow our tomato's through the winter here once again. We can do this by Frost covers, straw blankets, and or a hoop house or green house. We see temps of down to 17 lowest since I live here to about 27 at times. The tomato's make it fine as long as I straw them and frost blanket them through. I have now done this 3 years in a row with wonderful results. Coming from Michigan comes in handy at times!
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