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Don't have an Instant Pot? Don't despair. Here are some altternates on sale for a short while.

Aldii: Ambiano 6qt. Gets good reviews from Instant Pot owners. Is high pressure only which has zero downside for this since you cook the sauce at high pressure. $39.99 while supplies last. It got marked down to $29.99 or below here last year when it was slow selling.

Aldi also has $3.99 springform and bundt pans that will work in 6qt pressure cookers for cheesecakes, meatloaf, etc. The loaf pan won't fit the 6qt but does fit in the 8qt IP. The bundt pan also fits in the 3qt "mini" IP.

Second deal: WalMart 8qt Farberware on sale online. $53 something in copper color. About $65 in stainless. $1.25 discount for in-store pickup here. ymmv. Again, this one is high pressure only but people seem to really like it. The copper one is 1/2 the price of an 8 qt Instant Pot Duo. High pressure only is more like a Lux.
I ordered om Aug 25 and was supposed to receive it Aug 31 but it's going to be another day. Shipped from California.

The big sales for actual Instant Pot were Amazon Prime Days, and then there will be good sales for November Black Friday through Cyber Week. Kohl's sales year 'round are good IF you have a Kohl's charge and Kohl's cash and stack coupons and all of that.

Home Depot, this Magic Chef when it goes on sale for $54 - $59 or so. $54.99 right now. It has low press on fish and steam. Is pretty close to the IP Duo in capabilities. A bit nicer cooker than the Aldi one or Farberware. Has a stainless inner pot. I have this one and an Instant Pot Duo Plus and also had an Instant Pot Duo V2. The IPs are not overwhelmingly greater. This Magic Chef uses IP gasketts and inner pots. Could have come out of the same factory. The quality is just as good.

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