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I didn't realize oregano's many uses, whether a cross or a plain bland oregano. That area can use soil conditioner badly. It was created from half sized landscape timber and cheap bagged products many years ago. Looks like cigarette ashes in there.

I have seen pollinators and purple flowers, though it may be the sage that I was looking at. I wonder what happened to that plant. This area was in shade until a tree was removed from the area last year. It not only allowed sunlight, but now I can move freely without navigating around a big trunk and roots. I may plant peppers in with that stand of oregano with a little tlc added.

I do have a small patch of the tasty oregano returning in a small raised bed filled with MG potting mix. The variety that is returning is Chef Jeff's Hot and Spicy Oregano. My seed grown greek oregano didn't come back in my nice sunny spot near the front walkway in clay soil. I would have though it would be just the opposite.

- Lisa
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