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If you planted oregano (and not marjoram) then I think you can rest assured. IDK about your climate but marjoram was not a keeper here it struggled and then disappeared. Oregano on the other hand... quickly spreading.
You're right that the flavor of the leaves is not terribly useful.
My favorite things about the oregano:
(1) Bees and butterflies simply adore it.
(2) The buds before they open are a dark purple and the most useful part of the plant for me. Buds make a gorgeous herb vinegar with good flavor (and healthful, those are purple anthocyanins).
I have also tried drying the buds to use as a spice but found the texture too coarse for cooking. Maybe good though if you grind them very fine.
(3) Oregano will seed itself and thrive in any sunny place regardless of the soil. After a few years when you dig the plants there is a beautiful dark soil below them. In other words, it is a lazy way to build soil in a really poor place, just by letting it serve the bees and produce biomass to fall as organic matter on the spot.
(4) Also makes a lovely fragrant biomass for layering into your compost pile to cover your kitchen scraps etc. Makes composting a pleasant chore.
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