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Last year I had a bowl of when-will-they-ever-rippen IndigoRose. Hard as marbles for
weeks as the bowl increased in quantity.

I have a Tomato tasting menu party every early September. This was my test and
delicious. Perfect size for stuffing, one bite. The flesh wall is thick and sturdy.

I used goat cheese and garden herbs...thyme, tarragon, chives, basil. Used some of
the scooped out gel to soften the filling. Roasted on the far cooler end of the grill.
The top caps I left off to add later when serving. (but I put them on and back on the grill to keep warm so the ended up a bit shriveled...this year I'll leave them off till serving)

Using some chopped green tomato in the filling is a good idea. Or a smaller cherry
inside if the toms I use are saladette size.
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