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Originally Posted by EBCIII View Post
I put the Verbena in Bigger pots and a more direct light spot. My raised beds do not have the dirt in them yet. I am in a tight spot. I have a Bulging Disc with spurring. I am going to see a Surgeon on 3/30/ 15 to find out what is to be done. I have friends that will help me get the dirt in the beds. Until then I do not know what to do about the Carrots? Beale.
fine for the verbena. Eat the carrot tops in your salad and start new seeds in the beds when you get the dirt in them. Sorry to hear your back is such an issue right now. I hope you can find relief soon. if you need new seeds for carrots let me know. I probably have some that I won't get in the garden anyway.
carolyn k
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