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Originally Posted by Andybear View Post
Hello, does any body have a recipe for mild sweet chili & tomato sauce? If you do could you please share it with me as I would love to make some.
I posted this on the condiments sticky. All you need to do is adjust the sugar to make whatever sauce you prefer and adjust the cayenne to your "mildness or hotness" preferences.

Here is how I do it.

2 parts sweet yellow banana peppers
2 parts sweet yellow tomatoes or sweet ripe tomitillos
1 part crushed Pineapple
1 part mandarin oranges
1/2 part sweet onion
1/4 part sugar/honey or to taste
1 single green cayenne pepper per quart or to taste
fresh Tarragon to taste
fresh mint to taste
dash of cinnamon to taste

Use a blender on high to blend it smoothy consistency.
Slow cook the mixture several hours and reduce until it resembles a thick apple sauce.
Use a funnel to fill a catsup type bottle.
Cap and refrigerate.

There are very few sweet sauces I like, but this one works! Dipping chicken nuggets, glaze on a Thanksgiving ham, just like tomato catsup on any sandwich or hot dog, like Bar B Q sauce in baked beans or on the grill, in Chinese recipes instead of sweet n sour sauce. You name it.

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